November 24th, 2020

“Brume” by Suzanne & Natalia


This is the first song of Russian-French duo Suzanne & Natalia.
Old friends formed a band in Paris after their coincidental mutual life event, and this song “Brume” was the first song they composed together.
The chorus “Disparais dans la brume” (“Disappear in the mist”) refers to the Russian expression “Скройся в туман” = Ciao Bye Bye, which is a fly-out from the past here.
The music video focus on their friendship, closeness but also emphasize their contrasting character.
Filmed in the forest by two hand hold cameras, GH5 and Bolex, sometimes capturing sensitive movements of themselves and other times their feelings inside and around.

Direction, Camera, Edit: Cassandre Lafon
Styling Advisor: Andry Adolphe
Graphic Advisor: Claire Malot
Music: Suzanne Moreau and Natalia Taïga
Thanks to Domaine des Evis, Franck Monbaylet, Kanamé Onoyama

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