July 22nd, 2022

“Littoral” – Campaign for Arpenteur Printemps/Été 2022 Collection

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We are very happy to present our new work for Arpenteur’s 22 Spring/Summer collection.

A beach, an afternoon, 3 different characters and 3 different escapes.
Time stops. The sad swimmer takes off her coat, the focused collector puts a rare shell in their cap and the musical runner strides across the wet sand.The camera explores the space-time that connects and separates these 3 events.

There are 4 scenes in 6 styles.
Each scene is one short moment seen from different points of view, showing similar but different angles of the same action.
The characters — who do not know each other — come to the beach to escape and find a new start in their lives.
They pass the time at their own speed, swimming, running, crying and collecting.

The story is explained not in a single linear timeline but as cyclical layers creating an infinite space of time.
Instead of treating each individual as a subject, we focused on shooting this unseen space and the relationship between the characters.
At the same time, we could see their clothes more deeply.

We created a website to present the series, using Tanner Matt’s atmospheric music.
We did the photography, video, styling, direction and website development for this campaign.

Art Direction: Floregraphies (Cassandre & Andry)
Photography and Video: Cassandre Lafon
Styling: Andry Adolphe
Video Color Grading: Lou Occelli
Web Development : Yamachan
Music: Tanner Matt
Cast: Jenna Lagha, Colin, Alexandre Nahon
Thank you: Plume, Guy, Eric, Bibliothèque MEP