December 12th, 2021

“Today” by 5AM

Here is the video of “Today”, a song by 5am, a Tokyo-based project by 5ive, Andry, and Moko.
This was the first video the band ever made. In fact, Today was the first song
made by the band, which they made a small debut with two years ago. The song is included on their
new album Pre Zz.

The video follows the organic encounter which is being sung about on the track.
It was filmed with an over-saturated security camera, contrasting with a handheld camera, to replicate a fictional documentary of
a random encounter among the three band members.

The best encounters tend to happen unexpectedly. Three like-minded people happen to be at a donut shop. Is this coincidence or…?
(4:32, Misdo, Tokyo)

Today by 5AM (5ive, Andry and Moko)
Directed by Cassandre Lafon and Andry Adolphe
Filmed and Edited by Cassandre Lafon