July 30th, 2021

5AM show on LYL radio

  • "Chased by Star"

Photo for 5AM show, 5AM is a Tokyo based band by 5ive Andry and Moko, and their radio show is called 5AM SHOW -- no matter what time you at ;) -- ,
This episode was played on LYL radio, a Lyon based community radio,
Listen to 5AM SHOW on LYL radio !

The radio show plays various song, but the uniqueness especially seen in the sound quality ; The sound is uniformed in a way how you hear sound through an AM radio, where the frequency limitation only can translate certain range of sound, the remaining sounds won't conflict with life sounds, enjoy it in any volume while washing dishes, driving, chatting or relaxing :)

The cover visual "Chased by Star" is a fun reversed world where the star is chasing :)
Photo : Cassandre Lafon
Graphic : Andry Adolphe