March 13th, 2021

“Adopt a Koala Bear” by P.A.M and Phingerin

Video for special fund raising project joint of fashion brands, P.A.M, Australia.and PHINGERIN, Japan.
PHINGERIN’s signature bear pouch “Cumalice” made from patched-together up-cycled P.A.M. signature custom fabrics.

Every bag is unique, has its own name, and each one becomes a Koala for adoption, One shared features of all bear, the eye-catching pink arm, is resembling the temporary corset where damaged Koalas been wrapped their hands in for treatment. The constant reminder for attention, awareness, and action in where we all belong.

This project is ongoing and all profits from the project will be donated to WWF #RegenerateAustralia​, the largest and most innovative wildlife and landscape regeneration program in Australia’s history.

Edit and Soundscape: Andry Adolphe
Background image stock : Cassandre Lafon
Objects made by : Phingerin, P.A.M